Given how much heavy machinery and raw building material can be found there, it’s not hard to imagine that the average construction site can be a dangerous place to work, visit, or even just drive or walk by. Just because these places can be hazardous, though, doesn’t mean the people who own and work on them don’t have a legal duty to keep the site as safe as reasonably possible or that they can’t be held legally liable for injuries they cause by failing to meet that duty.

Taking legal action over an injury you suffered due to negligence by a construction company can be far from simple, though, especially if you try to do it without a Watertown construction site injury lawyer. At D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, the driving factor behind everything we do is you as a person—not just your case—and our personal injury attorneys can put our years of experience towards making sure you get the best possible result from your unique claim.

Who’s Liable for a Construction Site Accident?

Like most other personal injury claims, construction site injury lawsuits are generally based on the legal theory of “negligence”—in other words, around proving that a specific reckless or careless act by a particular person was the direct cause of your injury. Unlike most other personal injury claims, though, multiple people and sometimes even various companies or corporations may hold some of the fault for a Watertown construction accident in legal terms, as an attorney can further explain.

For example, suppose an individual construction site worker injures someone else because they weren’t operating a piece of machinery properly. In that case, legal liability for that injury might fall not just on that worker but also on the company they work for or a manager who let them operate the machine without ensuring they were trained to do so safely. On the other hand, if that same machine injures someone because it malfunctions suddenly while in use, the civil fault might lie with the company that made and sold the machine, a mechanic who failed to make timely repairs, or a site manager who didn’t make sure the machine was maintained properly.

Getting Paid Fairly Inside Filing Time Limits

No matter who specifically is at fault for a construction site injury in Watertown, our lawyers can help demand that they pay for every past and future form of harm you’ll have to deal with because of that injury, including but not limited to:

  • Medical bills;
  • Lost enjoyment/quality of life;
  • Physical pain and discomfort;
  • Personal property damage or loss;
  • Lost work wages or working ability; and
  • Emotional and psychological suffering.

With relatively few exceptions, though, you’ll need to file a lawsuit no later than two years after your accident, even if the effects of your injury will last longer than that. So, time is of the essence when it comes to suing over a construction site injury.

Contact Our Watertown Construction Site Injury Attorney for Help

Construction companies have lots of experience handling construction site accidents in ways that minimize their own legal liability and save them money in the long run. Fortunately, you have help from legal professionals with a long track record of success pursuing cases like this on behalf of people just like you.

Assistance from a Watertown construction site injury lawyer will make a world of difference in how smoothly your case goes and your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries. We won’t take your case unless we’re sure we can get a result that puts a fair amount of money in your pocket. We would be happy to discuss your legal options in further detail during a free remote or in-person consultation. Call today to schedule yours.