Sexual abuse leaves psychological and emotional scars on any survivor, especially children. All too often, victims of sexual abuse are violated by people trusted to care for them. When a caregiver, teacher, mentor, or family member abuses a child sexually, it robs that child of their basic human rights.

We treat our clients with care and empathy, knowing how difficult it can be for victims to confront their abusers. Sexual predators must be held responsible for their crimes; likewise, institutions and people in power who fail to protect victims under their watch should also be held accountable. If you or someone you loved was abused, our compassionate personal injury attorneys would be honored to meet with you for a fully confidential remote consultation to find out how we may be able to help. Call today to speak with a Watertown child sexual abuse lawyer from our firm.

Understanding the Laws Around Sexual Abuse Claims

Since 2002, victims of child sexual abuse in Connecticut have 30 years after they reach adulthood to file a claim against their abuser. Essentially, this means anyone under the age of 48 who has experienced sexual abuse can still sue their abuser. The passage of PA 19-16 in Connecticut extended the statute of limitations for victims of childhood sexual abuse to 30 years from the time the child turns 21 or 51 years old if the claim occurred after October 1, 2019. If it occurred before that date, the statute of limitations is 30 years from the time the child turns 18.

Many victims of sexual abuse suffer quietly for years to avoid reliving the experience. Their abusers may have threatened them or shamed them into keeping quiet. In some instances, victims are wrongly treated with suspicion, are accused of lying, or have their character viciously attacked when they report their abuse. This only adds to the trauma they have already experienced, making them more hesitant to come forward. None of these circumstances detract from the reality or seriousness of abuse, nor do they make your story any less important when you are ready to come forward.

Victims of sexual abuse and their families deserve justice, no matter how much time has passed. Our Watertown child sexual abuse attorneys understand the difficulty and sensitivity of these cases and handle them with care and compassion.

We Are Proud Advocates for Victims and Their Families

Under Connecticut law, any person who cares for a child or who maintains a position of authority over a child must report abuse if they observe the abuse or have information that abuse is occurring. When people fail to report child sex abuse, they, and the organizations that employ them, can be held accountable under civil law if the abuse continues.

In several cases, people in power have “looked the other way” or even tried to actively cover up these crimes in order to protect the reputation of their school or organization. This not only denies justice for the victims of abuse but also endangers other children by letting sexual predators off the hook.

When you come to us, we’ll listen to you empathetically and without judgment. We’ll help you understand your legal rights and options, and the decision as to whether to move forward with a claim is left to you. If you choose to pursue compensation, we will be your relentless advocates throughout the process, fighting to hold the person and organization responsible for your abuse accountable and bring you the compensation and closure you need. Whether through a negotiated settlement or at trial, our dedicated child sexual abuse lawyers in Watertown are prepared to fight for you from start to finish. And we have our own in-house courtroom to hone our arguments and allow you to become more comfortable with the courtroom environment.

A Watertown Child Sexual Abuse Attorney Could Help You Seek Justice

We are honored to help victims of abuse find their voices and make our community safer by holding perpetrators and enablers accountable. If you need an experienced Watertown child sexual abuse lawyer, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule your free, remote consultation.