A personal injury results in disruptions to every part of your life. Of course, this includes physical injuries that may require significant medical attention. But, these events can also affect your emotional well-being, ability to support your family, and enjoy life.

When someone else’s careless actions cause you to suffer these losses, they must provide the payments needed to make things right. Even so, obtaining these payments is rarely easy and can become frustrating and time-consuming. A Torrington personal injury lawyer is here to help. We will take the lead in proving fault for an injury, measuring how it has affected your life, and demanding that all liable parties pay their fair share. At D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, our dedicated attorneys work with people across the state of Connecticut, including Harwinton, Goshen, and Northfield to protect their legal rights after an injury.

Situations that May Justify an Injury Lawsuit

There are two situations where a personal injury may lead you to seek compensation for your losses: accidents and intentional acts of violence.

Accidental Injury Cases

Most personal injury cases in Torrington are the result of accidents. In these situations, saying that another person intended to cause harm is unfair. Even so, their actions may have been so careless to justify a negligence case. This legal concept applies to injuries that are the product of:

A diligent Torrington personal injury attorney can show that another party’s failure to keep you safe resulted in an accident that justifies compensation.

Injuries that Result from Criminal Activity

Personal injuries can also be the product of acts of intentional violence. Assaults, arson, kidnappings, and even homicides can be the basis for personal injury lawsuits. In these scenarios, a civil demand for monetary damages must be separate from any criminal case. Still, the outcome of a criminal case can be direct evidence of a defendant’s liability for an injury or death. A proactive attorney from our firm can take the lead in a civil case for compensation that results from criminal activity.

Liable Parties Must Provide Full Compensation

Demonstrating fault for a personal injury is only one part of a demand for monetary damages. It is just as important to show how the event has affected an injured person’s life and to place an accurate dollar value on these experiences. Demanding fair compensation from at-fault parties and their insurance companies is another way a qualified personal injury lawyer in Torrington can assist. Our diligent attorneys must pursue cases with the state’s statute of limitations in mind. Connecticut General Statute § 52-584 says most people have two years from the date of an injury to file a legal claim; or Connecticut General Statute § 52-577 says three years if the act was intentional.

All cases will center around the physical injuries that result from these incidents. Whether they require a single trip to an emergency room or necessitate multiple surgeries and result in lifelong losses, defendants who cause injuries must provide compensation to cover all needed medical care.

These events can also impact your life in other ways. They may cause substantial physical pain, emotional trauma, require changes in your daily routine, or force you to miss time at work. Our compassionate attorneys strive to understand how an event has changed your life and seek the payments needed to put your life back on track.

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Personal injuries are serious events that can change your life forever. This could include not just physical injuries but also reductions in your quality of life or income. Anytime another party causes an incident that results in these losses, they have a legal responsibility to pay.

A Torrington personal injury lawyer at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, is ready to pursue your case for the monetary damages you need and deserve. This includes situations where an injury resulted from an accident and those where you suffered harm after an act of crime. Whether the incident occurred in Torrington, Goshen, Northfield, or Harwinton, or across the state of Connecticut we are ready to fight for you. Speak with an attorney from our firm today to explore your legal options.