Dog bites can cause serious physical and emotional injuries. Children are especially susceptible to getting bitten, and a dog attack could leave a child afraid of dogs for the rest of their life.

An owner is responsible for their dog’s behavior. When a dog causes an injury, the owner must pay compensation to the injured person or, if the victim is a child, to the child’s parent under the supervision of the Probate Court until the child turns 18.

When you, a family member, or one of your pets gets injured by someone else’s dog, discuss your experience with a Torrington dog bite lawyer. They will let you know whether the state’s dog bite law applies to your circumstances. If so, the injury attorneys at D’Amico and Pettinicchi, LLC, can manage your claim and help you hold the dog’s owner accountable for your losses.

The Law Says Dog Owners Are Liable

Connecticut General Statutes § 22-357 makes a dog owner liable if their animal causes damage to a person or property. “Liable” means they are responsible for paying the losses someone else suffers from the dog attack.

Although people refer to it as the dog bite law, it covers any situation where a dog does harm. If a dog jumps up in a friendly greeting and knocks you over, and you break your wrist in the fall, the dog’s owner is legally responsible and owes you compensation.

The law says the dog’s owner is not liable if the injured person was trespassing or teasing the dog when the attack happened. If the victim was a child under 7, the law presumes the child was not responsible for the attack. Speak candidly with your attorney if you believe the dog’s owner might claim you or your child was tormenting the dog before the attack. A Torrington lawyer can evaluate the evidence and let you know whether you have a viable dog bite claim.

Compensation You Could Claim After an Unprovoked Dog Attack

The law requires the dog’s owner to compensate you for all the losses you suffered due to your injury. These include medical expenses and lost wages if you had to stay home from work while you recovered. When an injury will have a future impact—say, if your child will need plastic surgery to correct scarring, or your injuries prevent you from returning to work full-time—the dog’s owner must cover those losses. You could also claim compensation for your pain and suffering.

The owner must compensate you for the property damage their dog caused. If the dog destroyed clothing or an item you were carrying, the owner must pay the value of the damaged property.

People often underestimate how much a dog attack costs them. One of our dog bite attorneys in Torrington can show you how to compile and document your losses and expenses to prove your claim for compensation.

Letting an Attorney Handle the Situation Keeps Matters Businesslike

Sometimes, people suffer random dog attacks, but often, the dog that does the harm belongs to a friend, family member, or neighbor. People are sometimes reluctant to ask an attorney to handle a dog attack claim if they know the dog’s owner, fearing that a legal claim will harm the relationship.

A dog owner’s insurance covers the losses the dog caused in many cases. Allowing a Torrington dog bite attorney to negotiate with the insurance company representative keeps emotions out of the process. In contrast, if you and the dog’s owner negotiate with each other, you are both likely to feel some resentment, and the relationship might suffer because of it.

Allowing a professional to handle negotiations is also likely to result in a better outcome financially. You might be willing to accept less than you deserve from a friend or relative, but your lawyer will demand the insurance company provide appropriate compensation.

Discuss a Dog Attack With a Torrington Attorney

When you are suffering after an injury or heartbroken because your child is hurt, you need to talk about your situation with a caring person with professional knowledge and skills. A Torrington dog bite lawyer can be that person for you.

The seasoned professionals at D’Amico and Pettinicchi, LLC have years of experience behind them. Reach out today to discuss your dog attack case and learn what options are available to you. We will listen carefully and give you sound advice, and if you decide to move forward with a civil claim, we will fight hard for you. We offer free remote or in-person consultations, for your convenience.