Even car crashes that seem minor can change your life forever. They can cause serious injuries—afterwards, you may need a lot of rehabilitation or, even worse, you may never fully recover. Car crashes can also lead to years of emotional pain and financial issues that can change your life.

Whenever another driver causes a wreck and you suffer, the law says they have to compensate you. Getting those payments may mean filing a claim with a resistant insurance company or going to court. , Our team of committed personal injury attorneys can help. A Torrington car accident lawyer at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, can guide you through your options. They’ll also do everything possible to get you the compensation you deserve.

Helping Injured People Prove Fault for an Auto Accident

You can only get compensation after a car accident if you can show that the other driver caused the collision. Many times, this means showing that the other driver was violating a traffic law when the crash happened. An experienced Torrington car accident attorney will investigate whether a police officer gave the other driver a ticket for something they were doing before the crash. If the other driver was convicted of breaking a traffic law, this may be binding in a civil court when proving blame for your car wreck.

Even if the other driver didn’t get a ticket for their actions behind the wheel, we can still work to prove they were driving carelessly—like if they didn’t yield when they were supposed to or if they were looking at their cell phone while they were driving.

Showing How Injured You Are

The law says that the other driver, who caused the accident, has to pay for everything you’ve lost. But you still have to prove how the crash caused your physical injuries, emotional traumas, and financial losses. A seasoned car accident lawyer in Torrington can help in getting the proof you need so you can get what’s coming to you. This proof can be:

  • Medical bills and records;
  • Notes from a therapist that show emotional trauma;
  • Reports from your boss showing lost wages; or
  • Financial estimates on how much money you’ll lose in the future because of lost time at work.

With this information, a skilled legal professional can connect the other driver’s carelessness to your situation now and what might happen to you in the future.

Your lawyer can also work to prove the other driver’s responsibility for the crash in the time that the state allows. Connecticut General Statute § 52-584 says that if you’re hurt in a car crash, you only have two years from the date of the crash to be compensated. This two-year time limit applies to insurance claims and lawsuits. Speaking with a qualified legal professional now gives them the best chance of providing you with effective support.

Get In Touch With a Torrington Car Accident Attorney Today

Car accidents are awful. They can really hurt your body, your mind, and your wallet. Every driver on the road has a responsibility to drive safely. When they don’t, and the crash they cause hurts someone else, they have to pay.

Call a Torrington car accident lawyer now, so they can take the lead in your case right away. They can prove that another driver caused your wreck and show how the crash changed your life. Speak with an attorney at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, today to discuss your legal options. We’re ready to help you move forward with your life.