When you send a family member to a professional facility, like a memory care center or nursing home, you expect them to be well taken care of and provided for during their stay. When the people you entrusted to look after your loved one abuses or neglects them, personal injury laws may empower you to take action. By filing a lawsuit against the organization or individual provider, you gain the opportunity to hold the nursing home accountable, compensate your loved one and help others to avoid harmful practices.

As you embark on this journey, consider working with a Connecticut nursing home abuse lawyer at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC. We understand your pain and want to help make it right by leveraging our legal experience and resources. Our team of attorneys includes those who are leaders in their field and who have received double board certification in trial and pretrial advocacy from the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

As a Patient at a Long-Term Care Center, What Are My Rights?

As explained in Connecticut General Statutes § 19a-550, if you’re a patient at a nursing home, you have rights during your stay. These include the ability to accept or reject services or medical care, the right to privacy while in your room, and the right to receive quality care. Likewise, neither the facility nor any of its employees—nurses, doctors, maintenance staff, and administrators—may abuse or neglect you.

The facility must also allow you to participate in important aspects of your medical care. For example, your doctors should speak openly with you about your condition and available treatment options. In most circumstances, you can also seek a second opinion before agreeing to undergo surgery, take medication, or stay at the facility.

Unfortunately, an institution may not honor or protect your rights during your stay. When that happens, you have the ability to notify a government agency—such as the police, the Department of Social Services, or the Department of Public Health—or seek assistance from a licensed attorney. Partnering with a Connecticut nursing home abuse attorney at our firm allows you to get the help you need in the unfortunate circumstance that you or your loved one suffers a serious injury..

Standing Up Against Harmful Practices at an Assisted Living Facility or Nursing Home

Healthcare organizations like assisted living facilities and nursing homes can’t trample on people’s rights, regardless of how they might act or what they may tell you. If a nursing home staff member hits you, uses drugs to restrain you, causes a fall, or fails to provide sufficient nutrition or hydration, and you or a loved one suffers a serious injury as a result, we can help.

You can also report these actions to the police if you believe doing so is necessary to protect you from harm. Notifying the administrator at the nursing home is a good practice; however, many find it useful to use external channels to avoid conflicts of interest between the administrator and the facility.

A dedicated lawyer at our Connecticut firm can help develop a strategy to hold the negligent nursing home or assisted living facility accountable for its actions; and we can gather all the necessary information to file a lawsuit within the legal time limit.

Enlist the Help of Our Connecticut Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Being treated poorly or cruelly at the hands of the people you thought were there to help is a form of betrayal that can be difficult to heal from. Standing up against the injustice you or a loved one experienced can give you a pathway to heal and seek compensation.

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