Nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other residences for the care of the frail and elderly have an obligation to meet standards of care in order to protect the health and safety of residents. When they fail to do so, nursing home negligence can lead to serious injuries and death. The dedicated personal injury attorneys at D’Amico & Pettinicchi stand up for victims and their families.

You expected the nursing home to take care of your loved one. It’s heartbreaking to find out that an elderly loved one was abused or neglected. A Watertown nursing home abuse lawyer from our firm would be honored to meet with you for a confidential, remote consultation to discuss your legal rights and options. Your initial consultation is free, and we represent victims on a contingency fee basis, meaning you owe us nothing until and unless we recover compensation.

Common Injuries Caused by Nursing Home Negligence

In an effort to tamp down costs, nursing home owners often cut corners on staffing and safety. This type of nursing home negligence can lead to serious injuries and death to the elderly and infirm. We represent victims of serious nursing home negligence and abuse, including cases involving:

It is a difficult decision to put someone you love into the care of a nursing home. When you discover the organization that you trusted and was paid to care for your family member actually caused him or her serious harm, it’s important to take action with the help of a seasoned Watertown nursing home abuse attorney.

How We Can Help Your Family

We firmly believe those who cause harm to the most vulnerable members of our society must be held accountable. When you retain our firm, we’ll launch a thorough investigation to find out what happened and start the process of seeking justice for your loved one. This can be a difficult process: nursing homes can be tight-lipped about evidence of negligence, and witnesses may not voluntarily come forward. But we’ve been advocating for victims of nursing home abuse and neglect for decades and have been pioneers in Connecticut in this area of the law. Our Watertown nursing home neglect lawyers’ depth of experience and knowledge allows us to overcome those barriers and obtain justice for victims and their families.

Holding the nursing home accountable to your loved one can help to protect other families from future instances of abuse and neglect. We’ll advocate relentlessly for the compensation your loved one deserves. Because of our thorough investigation and track record of results, we are often able to reach a resolution by way of settlement, but we’re always prepared to go to trial—including honing our strategies and arguments in our in-house courtroom.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed on the progress of your case. Our job is to be your resource and advocate to bring closure to your legal concerns for your loved one.

A Watertown Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Can Help You Seek Justice

We have experience, resources, passion, and a proven track record of results. It’s important to reach out to us right away before important legal deadlines expire. To discuss your case with an experienced nursing home negligence attorney, please contact D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC today. From our offices in Watertown, our attorneys represent clients throughout the State of Connecticut and are ready to help answer your legal questions today. Contact us today for your free remote consultation with a Watertown nursing home abuse lawyer.