Malnutrition is a medical condition caused by insufficient food intake, an unbalanced diet, digestive problems or certain other medical conditions. This is particularly common in nursing homes because residents may have difficulty swallowing or forget to eat if not properly supervised and cared for.

In the most severe cases of malnutrition in Watertown nursing homes, death can occur. Those who survive may suffer permanent physical damage.

If your loved one has suffered serious physical harm or death because of malnutrition, and you suspect they are not receiving the attentive, competent care they deserve, call or contact D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, for a remote consultation and case evaluation from one of our compassionate nursing home neglect attorneys.

Lawyers for Victims of Malnutrition in Watertown Nursing Homes

The very fact that someone resides in a nursing home means they do not have the physical or mental abilities needed to take care of themselves.

It is the nursing home’s responsibility to do that. And an important part of that responsibility is making sure residents get the right nutrition and the appropriate care. Malnutrition, or malnourishment, is linked to a number of complications, many of which are especially serious or even life-threatening for the elderly.

Understaffing, poor supervision of staff, and poor monitoring of residents at mealtime are the underlying causes in most cases of malnutrition. Our attorneys know how to investigate these cases and have the experience and resources it takes to achieve the results your family deserves.

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