Bedsores (sometimes referred to as pressure sores, pressure ulcers, or decubitus ulcers) usually develop when blood circulation to certain areas of body tissue is cut off by sustained pressure. Deprived of blood flow for long enough, the affected tissue suffers irreversible damage or dies completely, resulting in bedsores.

Nursing home residents are particularly vulnerable to bedsores, which means prevention is an important part of nursing home care. With appropriate care, most bedsores are preventable. But when nursing home staff fail to turn residents in bed, change sheets, or take other preventative steps, serious complications can develop. Our seasoned nursing home abuse attorneys hold negligent facilities accountable when residents suffer bedsores in Watertown nursing homes.

Complications of Bedsores and Pressure Sores

In the nursing home context, bedsores are a sign of significant neglect. They occur when immobile residents are left lying or sitting in one position for too long. In elderly patients, these difficult-to-heal injuries can rapidly progress and cause many serious or fatal complications, including:

  • Cellulitis: an infection of the skin’s connective tissue that can lead to sepsis
  • Gangrene: tissue death, a condition requiring amputation in the most serious cases
  • Bone or joint infections: may lead to reduced function or even total loss of use of affected areas
  • Sepsis: results from bacteria entering the bloodstream via the pressure sore; may lead to shock, organ failure, and death
  • Malignant degeneration: a type of cancer that may develop in the most severe cases

Poorly trained nursing home employees and understaffed facilities are the two underlying problems that lead to bedsores. While not all bedsores can be prevented, Watertown nursing homes are responsible for conducting regular body checks and taking appropriate medical interventions when they do develop. Bedsores are treatable when caught early, but if allowed to fester, they can become deadly.

If Your Loved One Develops Bedsores in Their Nursing Home, Contact a Watertown Attorney

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