Getting hurt because of carelessness or recklessness is a preventable tragedy: Infuriating and frustrating, it is made even more so when the injuries you or a loved one experience are so severe that their negative effects last for years or a lifetime. Holding the responsible person accountable, finding closure, and being fairly compensated for all your medical expenses and other losses can be challenging and overwhelming.

Legal action alone cannot make you or your loved one whole after a devastating injury. We wish it could. But the support of a Watertown catastrophic injury lawyer from D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC can make a huge difference in helping you and your family through this trauma and moving on to the rest of your lives. Our caring personal injury attorneys have years of experience taking the side of people like you. We will work tenaciously on your behalf.

What Counts as a Catastrophic Injury?

In Connecticut, legal professionals use the term catastrophic to describe injuries so severe that they permanently change the lives of those who experience them and their families. By way of example only and not exhaustive, catastrophic injuries may include:

  • Nerve damage
  • High-degree burns
  • Trauma to internal organs
  • Spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis
  • Any injury that causes deafness or blindness
  • The loss or amputation of one or more limbs
  • Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)

A civil lawsuit seeks to discover the reckless or careless individual, company, or government agency that was responsible for causing your catastrophic injury. To hold that person or group legally liable, an attorney from our Watertown firm would establish that their negligence caused catastrophic harm when they failed to live up to their “duty of care” to you. For example, a motor vehicle driver has a responsibility to you to drive safely; an automobile manufacturer has a responsibility to you to equip your car with adequate brakes; and a municipality has a responsibility to you to maintain its roads. When these people or groups fail to satisfy their duty of care to you, they can be held legally responsible for any of your or your loved one’s catastrophic injuries.

Types of Compensation

Again, sadly, a civil lawsuit cannot undo your or your loved one’s devastating injuries. It can hold those responsible accountable for their negligence and provide a degree of closure to you and your family.

It can also provide you with a measure of comfort and security in the form of financial compensation. You can be compensated for economic losses, like the costs of hospital stays, physical therapy, and prosthetic devices. You can also be compensated for non-economic losses, like pain and suffering and lost enjoyment of life. These damages can start when you or your loved one first experienced the catastrophic injury and extend well into the future, as you anticipate lifelong and life-altering difficulties.

For example, someone who becomes paralyzed in a car wreck caused by another driver can receive compensation not just for short-term medical bills and lost work income, but also years (if not decades) of medical treatment in the future, as well as a lifetime of lost earning capacity. A forward-thinking Watertown lawyer from our firm can gauge the cost of and demand fair payment for harms in the present and in the future resulting from a devastating injury, including physical pain, psychological distress, and lost quality of life.

Contact a Catastrophic Injury Attorney in Watertown for Help

We understand the emotional and legal challenges faced by people who have experienced a devastating injury and their loved ones, as well as the anger and frustration you feel when the injury was caused by carelessness or recklessness. We can help. We will advocate for you and your family in negotiations with insurance companies and in the courtroom. Contact a Watertown catastrophic injury lawyer from D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC today to learn how we hold the responsible person accountable and help you find closure and heal. We can help you and your family move forward with your lives.