Our ability to move and sense things with our bodies depends on our central nervous system functioning properly, and any injury that damages any part of that system can result in parts of it permanently breaking down. The medical term for losing your ability to control your body and sense things around it is “paralysis.” If you’ve recently suffered a paralyzing injury, you know it is one of the most devastating and instantly life-changing injuries an accident can cause.

While compensation alone may not be able to completely restore your pre-injury life, working with a Watertown paralysis injury lawyer to demand accountability and financial recovery from the person responsible can be key to living the best life possible despite your injury. At D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, we know how hard it can be to recover physically, financially, and emotionally from this type of harm. Our team of catastrophic injury attorneys will work tirelessly on your behalf to help you seek justice for the losses you’ve unfairly sustained.

What Makes Someone Legally “Liable” for a Paralyzing Injury?

Even though paralysis is undoubtedly one of the worst outcomes any traumatic accident can have, that fact won’t make a court assume that one person or another is to blame for causing the accident in question. To get paid for losses you’ve already suffered and will suffer in the future due to a paralysis injury, you’ll need to prove someone else was “negligent,” which specifically means proving all of the following:

  • The “defendant” you’re suing owed you a “duty of care,” meaning they had a responsibility under the law to act responsibly to minimize the risk of you getting hurt;
  • The defendant “breached” their duty by doing something careless, reckless, or illegal;
  • That breach of duty directly led to your accident, which in turn directly led to you becoming paralyzed; and
  • All the “damages” you’re demanding compensation for can be traced directly back to your accident or paralyzing injury.

A Watertown paralysis injury attorney at our firm can explain how all this works and offer advice about building a strong civil claim during a free, confidential consultation.

Getting Around Roadblocks to Civil Recovery

Legal counsel can also help you avoid common legal and procedural obstacles that might otherwise keep you from getting paid fairly for an injury that’s left you paralyzed. For example, a paralysis injury lawyer in Watertown can help fight against accusations from the defendant you’re suing that you were partially to blame for your injury because of your own negligence. Such an accusation could lead to a court assigning you some “comparative fault” for your injuries and reducing the total amount of compensation available to you.

Your legal representation can also ensure you file your claim within applicable deadlines set by state law. Even if your injury has lifelong and life-altering effects, you still typically have just two years at most after initially getting hurt to begin any lawsuit you ever intend to file over it.

A Watertown Paralysis Injury Attorney Is Here for You

To say there’s no simple way forward after getting paralyzed in an accident is a massive understatement. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have rights after getting hurt in this way or that enforcing those rights can’t play a big role in improving your overall quality of life in the wake of your accident.

We are proud of our long track record of positive results achieved on behalf of people just like you, and we don’t take on cases to begin with unless we’re sure we can get a reasonable amount of money to put in your pocket once everything’s said and done. If you have questions about what legal options you might have in your unique situation, a Watertown paralysis injury lawyer from our team can answer them during a private initial meeting. Call today to schedule your free in-person or Zoom consultation with one of our attorneys at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC.