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Common Causes of Slip and Falls and Potential Injuries

Slipping and falling can happen for many reasons while a person is visiting the property of another. More than likely, this occurs because there is a dangerous condition on the property that was not adequately fixed or repaired. While unseen liquids on the floor of a business or a restaurant’s bathroom flooding are just a few examples, these accidents can be caused by various hazards. A person could slip on ice entering their work building in the winter. A family visiting a museum can fall on loose wood on the entrance porch.

Those hurt in slips and falls often experience serious injuries, sometimes requiring surgery and long-term care. Elderly and disabled persons are at an increased risk of harm because many establishments are challenging to navigate by cane or wheelchair.

Injuries vary based on the circumstances of the accident. Still, a tailbone fracture is one of the most typical injuries after a slip and fall. Herniated discs and strained back muscles are also common. Others might pinch nerves or fracture the spinal cord, wrist, elbow, knees, arms, and legs. One of the most catastrophic injuries that could occur is a traumatic brain injury (TBI)—depending on how complex the fall is, a person’s age, and medical history.

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

When a slip and fall happens, call immediately for help. Be careful not to move too much because the medical professionals need to first determine the full extent of your injuries. Do not yell at employees, managers, or owners at the scene because this could hurt a future personal injury case.

As soon as convenient following medical care, take photos of the dangerous condition and get the names of any potential witnesses. Then, reach out to a local Waterbury slip and fall attorney to open a legal claim for monetary compensation and hold the at-fault establishment accountable.

Presenting a Theory of Negligence in Slip and Fall Cases

Our team of Waterbury slip and fall lawyers will establish negligence under Connecticut General Statutes § 52-572h by presenting a story of harm using physical, testimonial, and circumstantial evidence. Our attorneys will establish that the property owner owed you a duty of care based on your visitor status. Proof could be introduced showing that the company knew dangerous conditions existed for some time at the property but failed to repair or post a warning sign.

Next, our lawyers can argue the connection between the condition causing your harm, the landowner and your injuries. This is referred to as proximate cause. The negligence case can conclude with testimony about the specific damages you suffered from your fall, such as medical bills, emotional anguish, pain and suffering, and more.

Enlist the Help of a Waterbury Attorney After a Slip and Fall

At D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, our legal professionals are committed to seeking justice on behalf of those who suffer injuries due to the careless or reckless actions of others. You shouldn’t have to worry about slipping and falling when visiting the grocery store, the bank, or any other place of business. The people who own these properties are responsible for keeping them free of hazards that could cause you harm. When they fail to do so, you have a right to hold them legally accountable—and we can help.

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