When people suffer significant injuries in a bus accident, they need the counsel of a local injury attorney. Bus accident claims are more complex than car accident claims, and you need a seasoned legal professional who isn’t intimidated by powerful insurance companies or government lawyers.

Contact a Waterbury bus accident lawyer at D’Amico and Pettinicchi, LLC, as quickly as possible after a wreck. They can explain your legal options and help you select the best course of action. If you choose to move forward with a civil claim, they’ll provide diligent representation to ensure you get the justice you deserve.

Bus Accidents Are Dangerous

The size and weight of a bus make it dangerous in a collision. A typical passenger vehicle is likely to be severely damaged and its occupants suffer serious injuries in a crash with a bus, even if the bus was traveling at low speeds. A bus can cause fatal injuries if it hits a pedestrian, cyclist, or motorcycle.

Buses typically do not have seat belts, so passengers are usually unrestrained in accidents. In high-speed crashes, passengers are sometimes ejected through the windows or back of the bus. Buses stop and start quickly and repeatedly, which can cause a passenger to fall and get hurt. Passengers also might get injured while attempting to get on or off the bus.

Buses need more time to come to a stop than smaller vehicles, and their steering is cumbersome. Buses might skid in icy or wet weather and overturn. The shape of a bus means that a forceful wind could have an impact despite its size. A speeding bus or one that takes a curve too quickly for conditions might overturn, endangering everyone on the bus and all the other vehicles nearby.

How Bus Accident Claims Differ from Car Accident Claims

When someone gets into a car accident, the insurance company for the driver at fault must pay the losses of anyone else involved. The injured person must prove the at-fault driver was negligent, meaning they did not use reasonable care, and someone suffered an injury resulting from their carelessness. When an injured person can demonstrate negligence, the driver’s insurance will pay their losses.

The same principle holds true in bus accidents, but finding out whose negligence caused the accident might require further investigation. The bus driver might have been negligent, but if so, their employer should be responsible for their negligence. The owner of the bus could also have responsibility if poor maintenance was a factor in the crash. Sometimes, the bus manufacturer has liability.

Our Waterbury attorneys know how to investigate bus crashes to identify all the parties who might bear some responsibility for the accident. They can review the police report, talk to witnesses, and subpoena any information that might shed light on the cause of the incident and the parties responsible, such as:

  • The truck’s maintenance records;
  • Surveillance video from near the crash site;
  • The driver’s employment and cell phone records;
  • The truck’s onboard camera footage and electronic data recorder.

Bringing claims against multiple parties helps ensure sufficient insurance coverage is available to pay your losses.

Special Procedures When a Government Agency Is Responsible

Many buses are run by local governments and government agencies, such as those operated by CTtransit and school districts. When a unit of government is potentially liable in a bus crash, the law imposes some special legal procedures. You must work with an attorney who knows these rules or risk losing your right to sue.

Contact a Waterbury Attorney to Discuss Your Options After a Bus Accident

A bus accident could leave you with severe physical and emotional injuries. You might not be able to work for an extended time, and if your injuries are permanent, you might never return to your job. The bus company or other responsible parties must pay for your injuries.

Speak with a Waterbury bus accident lawyer at D’Amico and Pettinicchi, LLC, as soon as possible. With years of experience representing people in injury cases, they can evaluate your situation and explain your legal options. If you decide to pursue a civil claim, they will work diligently to get you appropriate compensation. Call today to schedule your free in-person or Zoom consultation.