Distracted driving car accidents in Watertown are an increasing problem, and if you’ve been hit by a distracted driver, you know firsthand just how dangerous it can be. When motorists don’t follow their obligation to keep their eyes on the road and their minds attentive to the task of driving, others can be seriously hurt. The seasoned car accident attorneys at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC stand up for victims of distracted driving.

Launching an investigation to gather relevant evidence quickly is critical in a distracted driving case, as is getting an experienced, reputable attorney to stand up to the insurance company while you focus on healing. That’s why you should contact us right away and speak with one of our experienced auto accident attorneys.

Understanding the Legal Duty of Care in Distracted Driving

Watertown motorists have a legal obligation to keep their full attention focused on the task of driving safely; anything that diverts that attention is distracted driving. There are three general categories of distraction:

  • Visual: taking eyes off the road
  • Manual: taking hands off the steering wheel
  • Cognitive: mental distraction/loss of focus on driving

Texting while driving is perhaps the best-known type of distracted driving in Watertown, and for good reason: it combines all of the above. That’s why Connecticut has statutes banning it. However, what matters from a liability perspective is whether the driver was distracted to the point of causing a crash, not whether the source of the distraction was a specific illegal activity. Motorists can be held liable for accidents they caused while speaking with a passenger, adjusting the radio, or eating and drinking behind the wheel, to name just a few.

How We Can Help You After a Distracted Driving Car Accident in Watertown

When you come to us after a distracted driving car accident in Watertown, we listen. We’ll seek to understand your side of the story, answer any questions you may have, and explain your legal rights and options. If you choose to retain our firm, we’ll launch an immediate investigation to secure evidence that the driver who hit you was distracted, which may include the police accident report, cell phone records, witness testimony, and more.

Our law firm deals with the distracted driver’s insurance company on your behalf, letting you focus on healing and rebuilding your life. We’re often able to settle out of court, but we will absolutely be prepared to go to trial, including preparing our arguments in our in-house courtroom. We will be your relentless advocates because we understand this isn’t just a case. It’s your life.

Remember, it’s important that you get an attorney right away before evidence vanishes and legal deadlines expire. Contact us today to schedule your free remote consultation with a car accident lawyer experienced with distracted driving.