When large trucks are involved in accidents, people oftentimes assume the driver was somehow at fault. While it is true that negligent truck drivers do cause many accidents and create dangerous driving conditions for other motorists, the driver is not the only potentially liable party in a large truck accident.

Equipment failure is one of the most common causes of large truck accidents, and equipment malfunction can be caused by a number of factors. From brakes and tires to transmission and suspension, the safe operation of a truck depends on multiple vehicle systems working properly. Accidents and catastrophic injuries can occur if any one of these systems fails.

An important role of your truck accident attorney is identifying who is at fault when a truck’s equipment fails, which is not always an easy task.

When Drivers are Responsible for Large Truck Equipment Failure

Truck drivers have a responsibility to operate their vehicles safely and according to Connecticut’s rules of the road. Truckers can cause equipment failures by ignoring safety regulations and not exercising reasonable consideration on the road. For instance, truck tires are often designed and manufactured to travel at a maximum speed of 75 miles per hour. Exceeding that speed can cause the tires to wear down too quickly and lead to a blowout. Reckless driving and speeding can also lead to problems with suspension and brake failure, both of which would likely be the truck driver’s fault.

When Trucking Companies are at Fault for Large Truck Equipment Failure

Depending on the trucking or employment contract between a company and its drivers, maintenance for the vehicle may be the truck company’s responsibility. When a trucking business ignores safety protocols and maintenance requirements, its trucks are traveling in unsafe conditions and pose a significant threat to other motorists and pedestrians.

When Manufacturers Cause Large Truck Equipment Failure

In some cases, the problem is with the equipment itself rather than any negligence in maintenance or installation. Truck manufacturers and part manufacturers that make defective parts may be to blame for accidents caused by those parts.

Determining Fault for Accidents Caused by Large Truck Equipment Failure

Proving negligence and fault in a truck accident is a complex process. In addition to truckers, truck companies, and truck manufacturers, there are other people who could be to blame for equipment failures. Mechanics who have recently serviced the truck could be liable for equipment failures if they falsely claimed to have worked on the defective part or performed the work improperly. Other trucking company employees could also cause equipment failure if they were responsible for the equipment that failed, such as if they did not attach the truck’s coupling piece properly.

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