Nurses have an obligation and a duty to provide proper care and attention to their patients, and most meet that standard of care admirably. But when a nurse fails to meet the standard of care, serious injuries can follow. Patients who are injured due to nurse malpractice have legal rights, and an experienced medical negligence attorney can help to protect those rights.

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We Represent Victims of Nursing Negligence in Any Medical Setting

Our nurse malpractice lawyers in Watertown have an in-depth understanding of the laws governing nurses and nursing homes in the state of Connecticut. We hold nurses accountable for errors in patient assessment, medication administration errors, failure to appropriately supervise patients, and other forms of malpractice.

Whether you or your loved one was in a hospital, a nursing home, or any other medical setting, the nurses have a duty to you that they must uphold. If they fail in this duty, we will be there to protect your rights. If you were hurt in a hospital, we will investigate and look to hold all parties responsible who caused damage to you or your family. Doctors, nurses, and the hospital could all be liable for your injuries.

What You Can Expect From Our Legal Professionals

When you reach out to our diligent Watertown nurse negligence attorneys in the wake of an injury or illness caused by potential negligence, we’ll listen to your story and seek to understand what happened to you. If we believe a preventable error may have occurred, we’ll launch a full investigation and retain experts if needed to determine whether you have cause for legal action. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed and give you room to focus on healing.

Our attorneys have extensive experience advocating for injured patients in negotiation and, when needed, at trial. We are often able to settle malpractice cases out of court, but we are always prepared to go before a judge and jury, including honing our strategies and arguments in our in-house courtroom.

Speak With a Watertown Nurse Malpractice Attorney

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