On behalf of a 51-year-old male against medical providers for failure to appropriately treat a hypertensive emergency.


On behalf of a 40-year-old woman who sustained significant loss of use and sensory perception of her left arm, hand, fingers and wrist following surgery.


On behalf of a 43-year-old woman with numerous injuries to the neck, back, hands, pelvis and face when her vehicle was struck head on causing her vehicle to flip over.


A $775,000 settlement against a nursing home for failure to properly monitor and manage a 67-year-old man’s anticoagulant therapy (Coumadin) which ultimately resulted in his death.


$1.5 million settlement for radiology negligence causing cardiac damage.


Ambulance confusion costs Bristol $1.75 Million.


A $585,000 settlement in 2015 for work-related spinal injuries sustained by a 47-year-old male while in the course of his employment.


A $2.7 million settlement in 2015 on behalf of a 62-year-old woman for injuries she sustained for surgical malpractice.

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