A trip to an amusement park should be a fun and memorable day out. That means it has to be safe, and that’s why amusement park owners and operators are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for visitors. If you or your child was injured due to negligence at an amusement park, you need an experienced premises liability attorney.

Standing up to the company that owns a theme park is a difficult task. Relentless advocacy makes all the difference. Schedule your free remote consultation with a Watertown amusement park accident lawyer at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC today.

We Understand How to Hold Negligent Amusement Parks Accountable

With the number of people who visit an amusement park on a typical day, there is a lot that can go wrong if the owners aren’t serious about safety. Our dedicated lawyers represent victims of all types of incidents at amusement parks in Watertown, including those involving:

The laws concerning amusement park injuries are complex, and liability may not be clear. We know how to navigate the confusion and stay focused on achieving a positive outcome for you.

Get in Touch With a Watertown Amusement Park Accident Attorney

Amusement parks and their insurance companies take injury cases seriously from the start, with teams of investigators and attorneys focused on minimizing their liability. We do too. We know how to level the playing field. When you talk to us, we’ll listen to your concerns and explain your legal rights and options. We’ll deal with the insurance company on your behalf in negotiations while you focus on healing, and we’re always prepared to take them to trial, including preparing our arguments in our in-house courtroom.

Throughout the process, we’ll thoroughly investigate, carefully negotiate and keep you informed. We take this serious, high-stakes approach because we understand this isn’t just a legal case: this is about your life and your future.

If you’re a victim of an amusement park accident, you need to take action right away before critical legal deadlines expire and evidence disappears or is destroyed. Schedule your free, confidential, remote consultation with a Watertown amusement park accident lawyer today.