A serious burn can be a life-altering injury. Less severe burns are still extremely painful and may require months to heal.

When someone else’s careless or reckless conduct contributed to the incident that caused a burn injury, you could hold them responsible for their part in your injury. The law requires negligent parties to pay compensation to the people they harm.

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How Burns Affect the Body

Burns are classified according to how deeply they penetrate the skin. A first-degree burn is superficial, second and third-degree burns penetrate the skin, and a fourth-degree burn penetrates every layer of skin into the subcutaneous fat. Fifth-degree burns penetrate the muscle, and sixth-degree burns reach the bone—burns this deep are usually fatal.

When the body suffers an injury, it mounts an immune response to help healing. Unfortunately, medical reports indicate that the body’s response to a severe burn can impede healing. White blood cells protect against infection, but when the body sends too much blood to the burned area, it can limit the blood flow to the brain and internal organs. This condition is called shock, and it is very dangerous.

When medical personnel can control the initial response to the burn, the patient usually recovers, but the process is slow and painful. Burn victims often require debridement and skin grafts. Sometimes, a body part must be amputated to stop an infection or because the part is burned too severely to be useful. Burn scars are disfiguring and can limit the range of motion and functioning of the affected body part.

How Negligence Can Cause Burns

Most burns result from preventable accidents. According to the law, when a person, company, or government agency does not use appropriate caution to prevent an accident, they are negligent. A Connecticut burn injury attorney at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, could seek compensation from a negligent party on behalf of anyone injured due to their negligence.

Many people suffer burns in house or building fires. An investigation into the cause of the fire might reveal a defective boiler, faulty smoke detectors, or a sprinkler system that was not working properly. The building owner and the manufacturers of the non-working equipment could be held accountable. Similarly, manufacturers could be negligent when tools, appliances, or other items malfunction and cause burn injuries.

Burns can result from vehicle accidents, and in that case, the at-fault driver would owe the injured person compensation. Downed power lines and accidental cable strikes during construction work can lead to electrical burns. Whatever the cause of the accident that led to the burn, if someone was negligent, they’re likely responsible for compensating the injured party.

Pursuing a Claim for Compensation

When you suffer a burn injury in an accident, you should immediately contact a Connecticut lawyer at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC. Although you might have a sense of who is responsible, our proactive legal professionals can investigate and might identify additional parties who have some liability. Bringing claims against multiple parties could ensure that you receive appropriate compensation.

The responsible parties should reimburse your medical care and any ongoing support you need, including treatment for psychological injuries. Your compensation should pay your lost wages and diminished future earning capacity. You can also claim compensation for the non-economic impacts of your burns, like scarring, disability, physical pain, and emotional distress.

Sometimes, the person who suffers burns is partially responsible for the accident. Connecticut General Statutes § 52-572h(b) allows a negligent person to claim compensation from other negligent parties if they were not primarily to blame for an accident. In these situations, the amount the burn victim can recover would be reduced by a percentage equal to their degree of fault for the incident; and if other parties are responsible the damages will be apportioned relative to the degrees of fault.

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