Pro-wrestler Hulk Hogan files $50 million malpractice lawsuit

There are a number of forms that medical negligence can take. Some of them are relatively small errors while others can have permanent or fatal consequences. In other cases, doctors purposefully mislead patients in regards to surgical procedures and the expected outcome of a particular treatment. When people are not fully informed about their medical care, they can end up being the victims of medical malpractice.

Some facilities and doctors are more interested in generating a profit than they are in treating patients. In an attempt to attract more customers, these negligent parties may choose to knowingly misinform potential patients in order to win their business. In some cases, a patient can suffer significant and unexpected health issues, in addition to substantial economic loss.

Recently, professional wrestler Hulk Hogan filed a lawsuit against a spinal clinic for misinforming consumers about their services. Hogan was suffering from ongoing back pain and doctors at the clinic allegedly urged the wrestler to forego traditional back surgery in favor of their less-invasive procedures.

Instead of experiencing a permanent solution to his existing back problems, which he says he was led to believe was possible, Hogan only got short-term relief and he had to visit the clinic multiple times to have an expensive procedure performed.

Hogan says he lost out on several career opportunities because of his ongoing and worsening back problems during the 19 months he was receiving outpatient treatment at the clinic. Eventually, the traditional surgery Hogan had previously considered was performed and surgeons were able to fix his original problem and repair the damage done by the spinal clinic doctors.

Hogan later learned that other patients have had similar experiences that involved doctors at the clinic scaring people into choosing their services over traditional surgery. The clinic is now facing numerous malpractice complaints from former patients. Hogan is now among them and is suing the clinic and surgeons for misleading him and putting him through needless, ineffective and expensive procedures. He is requesting $50 million in damages resulting from missed work opportunities.

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