Lawsuit: Surgical Procedure Gone Wrong Due to Drunk Doctor

There are certainly no guarantees that a surgical procedure will be completely successful. However, we expect that doctors and nurses will do everything they can to ensure that the surgery is performed accurately and safely. If a Connecticut hospital or surgeon fails to take this responsibility seriously, the results could be devastating for patients. Taking legal action against a negligent or reckless party can help victims recover from the health-related repercussions of a surgical error.

Surgery on a person’s spine can be an especially delicate process that requires expertise and focus on the part of the surgeon. Even the smallest mistake can have very serious consequences for the patient. This is why it is crucial that doctors who perform these procedures are doing so safely.

One woman recently filed a lawsuit against the negligent doctor who not only made an error during her spinal surgery, but who the patient claims was drunk at the time of the procedure. According to reports, the victim had been in a car accident and was dealing with some residual back pain. It was recommended that she have surgery to alleviate some of the pain.

Right before the surgery, however, witnesses say the doctor arrived at the hospital and smelled like alcohol. He was arguing loudly with another person before he went in to perform a discectomy and fusion on the woman’s spine. During the procedure, the surgeon also performed an unscheduled procedure on the wrong area. The patient didn’t get any better after the poorly-executed surgery and had to have corrective surgery over a year later.

The victim filed a lawsuit against the doctor and the facility where he works for negligence. Patients in similar situations may also be eligible to pursue compensation against a doctor who made a serious mistake or breached a standard of care. If you have been injured during a surgical procedure contact a Connecticut personal injury attorney today to find out your legal options.