It’s hard to imagine anything more heartbreaking than a crash involving a school bus. We trust bus drivers and bus companies to keep our children safe, and when that trust is betrayed, lives can be changed forever. The diligent bus crash attorneys at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC are honored to stand up for school bus accident victims and help them rebuild their lives.

A Watertown school bus accident lawyer understands how to navigate the complex legal and emotional situations surrounding school bus crashes, and we know how to get results. In 2019, attorneys Michael and Jeremy D’Amico secured one of the largest personal injury verdicts in Connecticut history, $23,050,000, and the largest verdict of any injury claim in 2019, for a boy with autism who was severely injured in a school bus crash.

We Know How High the Stakes Are in School Bus Crashes

In legal terms, “common carriers” (that is, companies that transport people) have a duty to use the highest degree of care with regard to the safety of their passengers. They are also subject to numerous state and federal regulations, and those rules carry particular weight for companies that transport children.

We expect school bus companies to take safety seriously, both for the children they transport and for the communities they serve. That means drivers need to be background checked, trained, and closely supervised to ensure compliance with safety regulations. Buses need to be well-maintained, slow down, and exercise appropriate caution on the road.

When that doesn’t happen, children can be seriously hurt. In our lawyers experience representing families of school bus crash victims in Watertown, we’ve seen so many cases that have absolutely broken our hearts — and we strongly believe that the bus companies must be held accountable.

Bus Accident Victims Trust Our Lawyers

When you meet with us, we’ll listen to your story, answer your questions and help you understand your legal options in the wake of the crash. When you retain us to represent your family, we’ll immediately investigate to find out what happened and who was responsible. Our Watertown school bus accident attorneys will deal with any inquiries from the bus company and their insurance company, and we’ll handle negotiations on your behalf. Often, we’re able to settle these cases out of court thanks to our reputation, diligent preparation, and experience, but if it’s necessary to go to trial, we’ll be ready. Our in-house courtroom right at our Watertown office allows us to fine-tune our arguments and strategies before we go in front of a judge and jury.

Throughout the process, you can expect us to keep you informed while you focus on caring for your family. Our goal isn’t just to build a case; it’s to give you the breathing room and the resources you need to rebuild your life.

Call a Watertown School Bus Accident Attorney Today

After an injury caused by a bus accident, get a legal team with a proven track record in your corner. Remember, it’s important to act quickly before evidence disappears and important legal deadlines expire. Your first step is to contact us for a free, confidential, remote consultation with a Watertown bus accident lawyer.