Five Connecticut Nursing Homes Fined for Negligence

This summer, five Connecticut nursing homes were fined a minimum of $1,500 for neglecting residents and allowing serious injuries, including one death.

Last month, state health officials fined Gardner Heights Health Care Center $3,000 after a resident died because he was left unattended in a garden where temperatures exceeded 90 degrees. The resident was found unresponsive after being in the garden for two and a half hours and was pronounced dead only 40 minutes after being found.

Watrous Nursing Center in Madison received a $2,130 fine in August when a resident was restrained by a nurse’s aide and suffered bruising on the wrists and hands. According to the citation, the resident was fearful of the aide.

In June, Orchard Grove Specialty Care in Montville was issued a $1,740 fine when a resident broke a hip after falling from a shower chair. The nursing home employee who was assisting the resident was supposed to utilize a chair outfitted with the proper safety equipment to keep the resident from falling.

Talmadge Park Health Care received a $2,230 fine in July because a resident suffered a head injury after a preventable fall off a mechanical lift. The employees moving the resident were not supposed to have the bed in a low position when transferring the resident from the bed to a wheelchair.

Connecticut health officials also fined RegalCare Prospect $1,530 on July 18 when a resident fell out of a wheelchair and fractured a hip.

If your loved one suffered these or any form of neglect or abuse, the facility and staff members who allowed or caused it should be held responsible. Contact the caring nursing home negligence attorneys at D’Amico & Pettinicchi to review your claim and to find out if you are entitled to compensation.