Wondering how an attorney can actually help in the aftermath of a hit and run car accident in Connecticut? Below are just a few of the many ways a skilled legal professional from D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC could be beneficial to your hit and run crash case. Call our office today for more information or to set up a free initial consultation with one of our experienced lawyers.

Thoroughly Investigating the Crash

One of the ways a Connecticut lawyer can be of assistance in a hit and run car accident case is by performing a thorough investigation. Oftentimes, video footage is overwritten if it’s not requested immediately. For example, surveillance camera footage on a commercial property is usually written over relatively quickly—potentially within 24 hours. So, prompt investigation is critical in order to see what you can do to try to identify who the other driver may have been.

If there happened to be any witnesses to the incident, they may have good information to offer that may help you identify who the other operator was. So, before some witnesses disappear or memories fade, the most important thing is timely investigation. Without hiring an attorney, most people will not be able to do a thorough investigation on their own. So, the likelihood is that the identity of the driver who has fled the scene is not going to be found.

While the police may make some efforts to uncover the driver’s identity, most law enforcement officers are overwhelmed with more serious crimes. It’s very difficult for them to dedicate the manpower to trying to find a driver that may have been involved in a hit and run.

Pursuing All Avenues of Recovery

A seasoned legal professional can also help you pursue all possible avenues of financial recovery after a hit and run wreck in Connecticut. Many people don’t even know they can make an uninsured motorist claim against their own insurance policy following a hit and run.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that insurance companies are in the profit business, and the less they pay on claims, the more profitable they are. So, without a diligent lawyer advocating for what you are entitled to, the chances are high that an insurance company will not offer you a fair amount of compensation.

Our Connecticut Lawyers Can Help in Your Hit and Run Car Accident Case

Some of the ways an attorney can help in a Connecticut hit and run car accident case are by performing a thorough investigation, explaining that you do have legal options even if you can’t identify the driver, and then advocating for the fair compensation you’re entitled to.

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