The Myth of Frivolous Lawsuits, Part I: “Hot Coffee”

If you were alive in the 1990’s you might have heard the term “frivolous lawsuit” bandied about in the media. Stories were widely circulated of greedy plaintiffs who were demanding huge sums of money over petty issues, costing innocent business owners and doctors their livelihoods and destroying the very fabric of our society. These stories … Read More

Route 4 Crash in Burlington, CT Kills Woman, Injures Four

Thursday afternoon, a 57-year-old woman from Torrington was killed when she collided with a truck on Route 4 in Burlington near the Farmington town line. Four other people were also injured in the crash. Police are still investigating the incident, according to NBC Connecticut. The woman was driving eastbound on Route 4 by the intersection for … Read More

Lying Under Oath Undermines the Authority of Our Judicial System

Lying under oath is a crime against justice and undermines the authority of our courts. There can be no greater blight to the pursuit of justice. Unfortunately after decades of practicing civil trial law, it is apparent that some witnesses do not take the obligation of an oath seriously. Denying knowledge of a known fact, … Read More

CT Supreme Court Adds Interest to Car Accident Damages Award

A recent decision from the Connecticut Supreme Court considered a car accident victim’s right to seek interest on a damages award of over $1.3 million. The case involved an important personal injury litigation strategy in Connecticut: the offer of compromise. Attorney Mike D’Amico of the prominent law firm of D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC, represented the plaintiff at trial. The claim arose … Read More

CT Court Reviews Dram Shop Act Wrongful Death Case

Car accident liability involves many complex legal issues, including a consideration about whether someone besides the at-fault driver might also be liable for a personal injury or wrongful death. After a car accident caused by a drunk driver, a lawyer must assess whether the client is eligible for damages under Connecticut’s Dram Shop Act. A recent case … Read More

Man’s Death at Restaurant Prompts Lawsuit

The Applebee’s restaurant chain has locations throughout the nation including in the state of Connecticut. In most cases when people go to the restaurant for a meal it is to take a break and enjoy themselves over dinner. Often that is exactly the experience they get. The visit was anything but enjoyable for a father … Read More

Who is Responsible in a Drug Recall?

Late last month an Indian pharmaceutical company voluntarily recalled 10,200 bottles of allergy medicine. The cause? The blood pressure medicine atenolol was found to be mixed in. Though there does not currently appear to be anyone who has reported injuries from this medication mix-up, it is possible that someone taking the wrong medication could have … Read More

Connecticut teacher dies in fatal accident with school bus

Authorities are in the midst of investigating an accident between a school bus and a sedan. Reportedly, a Connecticut teacher was killed in the fatal accident in the early morning hour commute. As part of the investigation, authorities checked the bus for mechanical defects, but the investigation has revealed that no issues were present. The Connecticut car … Read More

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