78-Year-Old Woman Severely Injured in Pit Bull Attack

A 78-year-old woman suffered severe injuries to her head, neck and arms after being attacked by a pit bull in New Haven on July 4. According to the New Haven Fire Chief, the woman was the landlord of the property on Hubinger Street where the attack happened. The pit bull belonged to a new tenant … Read More

Study Says Many MRI Scans Failed to Detect Whiplash in Thousands of Patients

Whiplash is a painful neck injury that often occurs in car accidents, particularly rear-end accidents. It is caused by quick back-and-forth movement of the neck, which can damage muscles, ligaments, and bones or nerves in the spine. Unfortunately, an ongoing study has revealed that traditional MRI scanning practices are not sufficient for discovering whiplash injuries. … Read More

Guide to the Connecticut Wrongful Death Statute

Losing a loved one is tragic, particularly when your loved one’s death was caused by another person’s negligence and could have been prevented. Nothing can make up for your loss, but filing a Connecticut wrongful death lawsuit may provide a sense of justice and allow you to recover fair compensation for all of the damages caused by … Read More

Statute of Limitations and Other Medical Malpractice Laws in Connecticut

Are you preparing to file a medical malpractice claim? There are several Connecticut medical malpractice laws that you need to review before you file a lawsuit. These laws cover everything from deadlines for filing claims to things you must prove before courts will let you move forward with your medical malpractice lawsuit. Statute of Limitations Every … Read More

Choate Rosemary Hall Apologizes for Decades of Sexual Abuse

Choate Rosemary Hall, an elite boarding school in Wallingford, issued a statement apologizing for decades of sexual abuse involving faculty and staff members who engaged in sexual misconduct with students. A 50-page report issued after a seven-month long independent investigation initiated by the school includes graphic recounts from 24 students about alleged abuse from 12 faculty members. … Read More

What You Need to Know About Reporting Elder Abuse in Connecticut

According to the Administration of Aging (AOA), hundreds of thousands of elderly Americans are abused, exploited or neglected each year. Elder abuse can take many forms, including: Physical abuse, defined as intentional infliction of injury or pain. This may include hitting, shoving, using drugs to harm a senior or using restraints. Emotional abuse, including yelling, … Read More

Five Connecticut Nursing Homes Fined for Negligence

This summer, five Connecticut nursing homes were fined a minimum of $1,500 for neglecting residents and allowing serious injuries, including one death. Last month, state health officials fined Gardner Heights Health Care Center $3,000 after a resident died because he was left unattended in a garden where temperatures exceeded 90 degrees. The resident was found … Read More

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