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Any car crash can cause serious injuries, but no accident is more dangerous than a car striking a pedestrian’s unprotected body. That’s why it’s so important for motorists to share the road, and that’s why pedestrian accident victims need strong legal representation. The experienced pedestrian accident lawyers at D’Amico & Pettinicchi, LLC stand up for victims’ rights.

If you’ve been involved in a pedestrian accident, one of the most important things you must do is immediately speak with an experienced pedestrian attorney about your rights. Contact us to schedule your free, confidential, remote consultation.


Connecticut’s laws are quite clear: motorists are to yield the right of way to pedestrians under most circumstances. Unfortunately, Pedestrians are often hit by distracted drivers, drivers going too fast and those not paying attention to people in crosswalks.

When that happens, there are often legal disputes about who had the right of way, especially if the pedestrian was crossing the street at an unmarked crosswalk. The insurance companies take these claims very seriously because they know how costly the injuries sustained can be. You need an experienced attorney to level the playing field.

You can expect relentless advocacy from OUR PEDESTRIAN ACCIDENT attorneyS

During our free consultation about your pedestrian accident claim, we’ll listen to your side of the story, answer your questions and explain your legal rights and options. If you choose to retain our firm, we’ll launch an immediate investigation to secure critical evidence, which may include interviewing witnesses, collecting physical evidence from the accident scene and obtaining video footage. We’ll also contact the insurance company for the driver who hit you and inform them that they can send all further inquiries to us.

Our pedestrian accident attorneys will advocate for you throughout negotiations with the insurance company, keeping you informed and giving you the ability to focus on healing. Often, we’re able to settle out of court because of our thorough investigation, preparation and reputation, but we will be prepared to take them to trial, including preparing strategies in our in-house courtroom. We work this way because we understand that this is more than just a case: it’s your life.

If you’ve been hit as a pedestrian, get our legal team to be your advocate. We’ll fight to ensure your legal rights are protected. Contact us today to schedule your free remote consultation with an experienced Connecticut pedestrian accident lawyer.

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It’s important that you contact us right away, before evidence disappears and critical legal deadlines expire. Our office is centrally located in Watertown and we offer legal counsel to victims and their families throughout Connecticut. Contact us online or by phone to schedule a free consultation.