The Importance of Corporate Representative Deposition in Product Liability Cases

By Brendan Faulkner and Mike A. D’AmicoDecember 2012 The deposition of a corporate defendant is often a turning point in a product liability lawsuit. In large part this is because the rules that allow for and govern depositions of knowledgeable corporate representatives impose substantial obligations. Corporate parties must designate one or more representatives and prepare … Read More

Dispelling the Myth of Insurance Bad Faith

By Mike A. D’AmicoAugust 2012 Under what cause of action may an insurance company be held accountable for an excess verdict having failed to settle a liability claim within its insured’s policy limits? There appears to be a popular myth that the insurance company can only be held liable for an excess verdict if it … Read More

Daubert/Porter in Connecticut Medical Malpractice Cases

By Mike A. D’AmicoOctober 2010 The appellate case law in Connecticut is thin with regard to a Daubert/Porter analysis or hearing concerning expert medical testimony in a medical malpractice case. Accordingly, the applicability of the Porter analysis and the necessity of a pre-trial hearing in a medical malpractice case can be gleaned only from the appellate courts’ few decisions … Read More

Proving Difficult Lost Wage Claims

By Mike A. D’Amico, Esq.March 2008 For a simple summary of applicable law in this area, see Robert B. Yules, Connecticut Practice Series: Trial Practice, 5:4 (2006). A. BACKGROUND The Supreme Court in a recent wrongful death case gave a general overview of the evidentiary issues involved in proving lost wages and earning as damages. Carrano v. Yale-New Haven … Read More

A Review of Common Practice Issues for the Personal Injury Paralegal

By Michael A. D’AmicoApril 2007 Worker’s Compensation Liens: When a person is injured during the course of their employment and workers compensation benefits have been paid, the employer and/or its insurance carrier will usually assert a lien against any third party recovery. C.G.S 31-293 allows any employer and/or its insurance carrier to assert a lien for benefits … Read More

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