Avoid Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements

By Brendan Faulkner, Esq. and Mike A. D’Amico, Esq The difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is frequently made under stressful circumstances and is always fraught with emotion. Mandatory arbitration agreements are often overlooked or not given appropriate consideration in the completion of the thicket of admission forms. These provisions, … Read More

Nursing Home Litigation

By Michael A. D’Amico and Christine NortonJuly 2017 Case Selection: Nursing home litigation requires careful case selection. Like other professional negligence cases, the liability must be clear and the injury significant. And the plaintiff must be likeable. Ideally, the plaintiff’s family must also be likeable and the family must have been involved with the plaintiff … Read More

Making Wrongful Death Claims Against Nursing Homes

By Michael A. D’AmicoNovember 2015 All residents of nursing homes in Connecticut are protected by a bill of rights specifically enumerated in Connecticut General Statutes §19a-550. This statute allows for both compensatory and punitive damages for its violation. No one disputes that a lawsuit may be filed for damages under this statute that results in … Read More

Basic Anatomy of a Nursing Home Case in Connecticut

By Attorney Mike A. D’AmicoNovember 2001 You are the knight riding the white horse. There are few areas of personal injury which allow plaintiff lawyers to be viewed by most jury pools as good, important and beneficial for society. Representing the elderly in meritorious nursing home cases is just that. Most of us feel sick … Read More

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